Our Story

So here’s the thing, one day we broke down what we stand for into the tiniest of pieces, and it turned out to be very simple. We celebrate differences, we cheer for individuality and we love comfort. So, we created Hydro, a modest swimwear line fashioned and tailored by Egyptian hands. And to celebrate our unique and diversified cities, we weaved their personalities into every design. For all body types. For the power of choice. For every you, forever unique.

We Take Care of The Finest Details So you can get the best quality


We chose our fabrics with ultimate care to give you a comfy feel before water and a quick dry look after.


Our designs are catered to every woman out there who seeks modesty, but in a way that let her fall in love with her body. We took into consideration all body types while designing our pieces.


We closely worked on details in our whole journey from designing, through choosing the perfect zipper, till packing our pieces in a way that we made sure it draws a smile on your faces.


We made sure to provide you with all what you need for a complete modest beach look. Our headpiece, and towel cover-up are made to give you the most practical use, yet the most perfect look.