Giving Back

We’ve always wanted to go beyond the business and fashion industry with HYDRO. As a start, we dedicated a portion of our proceeds to help a tiny fraction of those who really are in need out there in the world.

HYDRO’s giving back journey started with our Loveworthy Collection in 2021 advocating for self-love and body-positivity. So in honor of our bodies’ differences and uniqueness we directed 10% of our proceeds to Ahl Masr Foundation, which treats burn victims all over Egypt, as a little helping hand from us towards burn victims.

This was only the beginning of our community plans, promising ourselves and our beloved HYDRO family that we will continue doing our best to give back to causes that matter.


These days, sustainability is no more a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. As a sustainable fashion brand, we always keep in mind the human factor and environmental impact while operating our business.

This is what we do as a sustainable fashion brand:

  • Community. For every purchase, 10% of our proceeds go to people in need.
  • Local Craftsmen. Every step in the HYDRO production process (designing, printing, production, packaging) is proudly done by local Egyptians craftsmen.
  • Authenticity. All HYDRO prints are originally designed in house by Egyptian designers. We don’t use ready patterned fabrics from the market.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging. All our packaging material is paper-based, ensuring it’s recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Durability. Our fabrics, sewing techniques, and threads are all top quality/international standard material which makes HYDRO’s swimsuit a sustainably durable product.